Solo Cycle Clothing

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Solo is a New Zealand-based retro-style cycle clothing company which exports worldwide. They have fans in many countries who want to purchase in multi-currencies and be updated on new products.

With a range of over 30 products, in different colours and sizes it is imperative that the website functions well and is easy to navigate.

Redwood Group

Five Mile Retail Centre

branding | website | photography

The Five Mile Centre is the largest retail development in Queenstown. We were involved in the early stages of designing the branding for the centre which has been incorporated into the building design. The website includes a store listing and news updates for this exciting project.

Wilshire Group

stationery | logo update

Wilshire Group are an Auckland company specialising in high-quality residential developments. They required a simple yet clear website to represent the Wilshire Group brand.

Redwood Group

East Link

branding | website | press ads | signage

We designed the logo and branding for this stylish development in Pakuranga. We kept the branding simple and clean, reflecting the building’s industrial, contemporary flavour.

Development Advisory Services Ltd

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Development Advisory Services offer strategic advice and management expertise to property developers.

The aim of their website was to inform and engage on a professional level as well as showcase recent projects they have been involved with.

Moira Blincoe Photography

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Moira Blincoe Photography focuses on babies, children and their families.

In need of branding we designed a logo and website. The website was given a clean, functional look making it easy to post blogs and upload highlights from each photography session for clients and visitors alike to preview.