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Chambers & Station, previously the Mt Eden firestation and council chambers, has been beautifully restored and transformed into high-end luxurious apartments. The developer required an exceptional brochure to market these very special apartments.

The bespoke brochure features silver foil on the front cover with spot UV gloss,
and a variety of special paper stocks within to reflect the quality of the development.


House of Travel

marketing collateral

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We designed a range of marketing material for House of Travels annual event,  Travel Bazaar, including brochures, banners and signage.

Verdant Lane

marketing brochure

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Verdant Lane is a boutique development in Albany on Auckland’s North Shore. This high-end development is in a lush park-like setting on what was once Clemow’s Orchard.

The client required branding for the development including the name, logo, brochure, business cards, signage and press ads. We created a look that was simple, sophisticated and stylish, while reflecting the development’s very special garden setting.



marketing brochure

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Sugartree is a unique development that brings together residential, retail and entertainment in Auckland City.

To market the eight luxury penthouses D1 produced a stylish marketing brochure presented in a custom-made foil-embossed box. The quality of the presentation had to encapsulate the quality of the penthouses it was selling. The brochure uses a 5-colour printing process, incorporating a gold embossed cover and a spot UV varnish throughout.



conference brochures

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TUANZ (Telecommunications Users Association of NZ) is a not-for-profit organisation that lobbies for change and improvements in telecommunications.

Throughout the year TUANZ run events and conferences which all require their own unique identity. D1 has been designing their promotional material including their website and stationery since 2000. As one of our original clients we have built a long and happy relationship.


marketing brochure

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Chin Hill is a top-end development in a beautiful rural setting north of Auckland. The developer required a logo and brochure to help promote this unique project.

The bespoke brochure features copper foil on the front cover, and a variety of special paper stocks within to reflect the quality of the development.


Glamuzina Corporation

earring cards

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Glamuzina is a family business which has been sourcing and supplying the world’s best piercing equipment and fashion jewellery for over 50 years.

Having worked with Glamuzina for over ten years we have updated their entire range of jewellery brands several times to keep up with fashion trends. We have created a family of earring cards that complement each other on the instore display stands.


SPG Communications

promotional package

promotional | identity I stationery

SPG or ‘Super Producer Girl’ is a talented woman that writes, produces and directs TV ads and videos. She can do most things but she came to us to create her identity and promotional package.

Nicky is well known for her love of champagne and always wearing black so it was obvious we had to include these in her identity.

For the promotional package we created an elaborate DVD case with inserts which can be customised depending on the client.


Rainbow Park Nurseries

carnivorous plants

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Rainbow Park Nurseries is one of the largest and most modern nurseries in New Zealand. They are constantly innovating their product range such as these carnivorous plants.

D1 designed and illustrated these unique plant cylinders and convertible shipping/display cartons. This colourful packaging created a positive dilemma for Rainbow Park Nurseries as they sold out of plants in several weeks.



Easter catalogue

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For three years we designed a Cadbury product catalogue for both Easter and Christmas. These are an important selling tool used to inform store managers what will be available for that busy season and highlight new products. The graphics used are based on the POS we have developed earlier in the year.

TUANZ Conference Brochures
Rainbow Park Nurseries - Carnivorous Plants